African Black Soap 140gr organisk tvål

89 kr

African Black Soap Also Called black Gold of  Africa 140g Black. Benefits: The Soap is a Gentle  Natural Exfoliant That Removes Impurities from the Skin Removes Toxins  and Cleanses the Surface of the Skin. The Soap Has Calming and Softening  Properties. After Scrubbing with the Soap Youll Be Rid of Dead Cells  and You Will Find Your Skin Gets Softer and More Silky. For Many  Centuries the Black Soap Has Been Used in Many Parts of West Africa for  Washing the Skin and Hair. This Black Soap Contains Honey and Lime  Juice. The Pleasant Smell Reminds of the Intact and Untouched Nature of  Africa. The Soap Gives a Thorough Clean Feeling and Gives the Experience  a Pleasant Sensation of Freshness on the Skin After Use. The Unique and  Natural Fragrance of Black Soap Keeps You Cool All Day. Now You Can  Find the Pleasures of the Hammam at Home

Ingredients: Shea Butter African Sandalwood Palm Kernel Oil Ashes of  Palm Kernel Oil Honey Glycerin Aloe Vera Extract Lemon Extract Lime  Extract Water Natural Flavors Content: Pack of 3 Pcs 3x Black Soap 140  Gr Each